Basics of Social Media Privacy

Social networking has many benefits but it’s important that you do everything you can to ensure that your social networking profile remains private.

The number one tip I always tell myself: Think before you post anything to facebook and twitter!

Anything that is publicly available online could be seen by your bosses and other people so, before you post any information or images, consider whether it could cause you embarrassment or potentially damage your career. You need to think of how you want to be perceive online.

Check out some real example of career-ending facebook faux pas here.





Paper to Digital: Age of Kindle

Do people still wrap their books nicely? I’m fond of wrapping my paperbacks. In spite of the rising trend of electronic reader (e-reader), I still prefer to own conventional books.

According to a research by Kindle Culture1, majority of kindle owners are adults (38.4%)  followed by older adults (37.3%) and younger adults (225).

The results suggests that there could be a relationship between the level of disposable income and age group.


Kindle by Amazon offer the ability to store thousands of books in a device that weighs less than a pound and portability that allows readers to carry around. The perks of using a Kindle are appealing but I don’t think it can replace the conventional book. It is certainly useful in the education sector such as using Kindle to cultivate reading habits among the students.

3A user at the University of Munster says:
With eBooks you can find relevant content much faster by searching for keywords. You can use them anytime and everywhere, in contrast to library-provided books, which are often not
available when you need them (Springer, 2008).

Technology has indeed revolutionised our learning journey. Reading is an important habit to nurture from young. Kindle is serving its purpose but will Kindle replace conventional library? I believe it is still a long way to go2.


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Why do we blog?

A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation. – Andrew Sullivan

Blog is a form of communication. Blog is more than sharing information, it also reveals the character of the blogger. Hear what Mena Trott have to say about blogging:

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. – Ralph Waldo Emerson