Guide to Typography

I came across this brilliant flow chart on typography by Julian Hansen.

Julian did a flowchart of the choices graphic designers go through choosing fonts, with a humorous approach.

Be sure to click on it for a better view!


TYPEFACE & Personality

goodtype Good typography is invisible!

Bad Typography is everywhere ! Here’s one:

merrie england

The choice of typeface makes it illegible.

But here’s a good one:


Source: Amazon. License: All Rights Reserved.

The typeface is applied with consistency; one would recognise that the e-reader ‘Kindle’ is a product by Amazon.

Parker RC observes that the style of the design lies mainly in the consistent use of a few selected typeface, font size, size of margin and colours. In other words, the choice of typeface used reflects the image of the design document, product and corporate identity.

For instance, what does ‘Cartier’ means to you at first glance? How does it look and make you feel like? It intuitively evokes elegance and timelessness which are the embodiment of its products.


Source: Cartier. License: All Rights Reserved.

 What if it’s in ROCKWELL typeface? The identity changed. Does it seems to you that it is a jeweler and watchmaker?



If IBM decides to change their brand logo by using comic sans, does it still look like they are a technology firm? Therefore typefaces have personality. See the impact it makes ?

Side note, here’s something that I wanted to share when I was working on project, I came across this guide about the choice of typefaces which is very useful.


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